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A quality advantage

Professional quality inspection team, they rely on high-tech detection equipment, and professional knowledge about industry testing standards, standardized product line the link around, constantly sampling qualified testing results to ensure that the output of the products qualified

Two operation

With many years of successful operation of the company, the industry has accumulated sales of operational and management experience, to join in the absence of industry experience, can be achieved through the provision of mature and successful operating system, rapid implementation of high quality operations.

Three products

Professional R & D and doors and windows for a number of years, during which continue to update the industry advanced ideas, research and development of suitable products in China and the needs of different customer groups, product portfolio flower Seda over a thousand kinds of enough to meet the market in the high-end customer demand.

Four Logistics

Advantageous geographical position, production and manufacturing, logistics costs are low, the central and coastal cities as the core market, for the national sales network development, logistics and convenient.

Five profit

Standardization of large-scale production, but also bring the low-cost advantages of large-scale procurement, accurate market positioning, high cost products, comprehensive system, a reasonable price system, to ensure the joining of high profit margins

Six training

Pre opening a full range of system training, strengthen the sales staff's professional and product awareness management training

Seven terminal image performance

Unified VI performance and SI terminal identification system, the standardization of the brand image.

Eight advertising advantages

The company invested heavily in the country's major media advertising brand advertising, brand influence, and provide a variety of full set of business promotional materials and layout design, exempt from joining the market operations planning trouble.

Nine service

Provide professional service system support for the design of exhibition hall graphic design / customer order processing / terminal sales support.

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